Book of the Month

“If you’re a book nerd like, I don’t think there’s anything better than Book of the Month. I seriously do a little happy dance every time my box arrives at the doorstep.”

Written by Melissa Farley

July 19, 2020

So here’s how it works – On the first of every month (my favorite day!) BOTM releases 5 book picks. They’re varied in genre and they usually have one nonfiction or memoir, a thriller/suspense, a romance/light read and my personal favorite, historical fiction. One of the things that I love about this club is that you get access to early releases too! You pay $14.99 monthly (your first book order is $9.99) and select one book out of those five as your book of the month. If you’re not feeling any of those options you are welcome to select from previous picks and you can add on up to two additional books for just $9.99 each. Talk about a smoking deal! Oh, btw shipping is always free with your membership and did I mention they are hardcover books? Yep. Fancy, I know.

You can earn credits towards free books and badges by leaving reviews or fulfilling different challenges like reading 1 book from each genre or reading 5 debut novels. My friend and I have made an informal book club out of it where we pick one together and then I usually get one or two more to indulge my obsession. They also have resources to help you organize a legit book club if you feel so inclined.

The app is great and super easy to use to track your orders, reviews, credits and browse the collection. If you’re worried about being a slow reader, don’t. You can skip a month any time you want. And if you have doubts about their selections, I love what their site says, “Well, we have a pretty good track record of choosing great reads that goes all the way back to 1926, so it’s worth a try for you to find out.” So far, I have no complaints!

Can you tell this is kind of one of my favorite things of all time?

Let me know if you join and maybe we can expand our book club and have some sassy online group discussions. Bring your own wine.

Book Club Fact

There are more than 5 Million book clubs members in the U.S.


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