Skillshare Watercolor Class: Amy Stewart

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Written by Melissa Farley

July 8, 2020

Most people have heard of Skillshare by now, as you should, because it’s an awesome site with access to tons of experts sharing and teaching their craft to you. Skillshare is $15 a month for a membership or $99 for an annual membership which is a better deal because that averages out to about $8.25 a month. My husband and I have been using it to learn how to watercolor. Originally I got inspired to do this because one of my favorite authors, Amy Stewart who writes the Kopp Sisters novels, Wicked Plants and more, is also a truly magnificent artist.

I’m humbled to say that one of my paintings hangs on walls at two different houses and my mother-in-law uses my painting of a Taos Pueblo as her iPad screensaver!

I had subscribed to her newsletter (which I also highly recommend you do) and she mentioned that she had classes on Skillshare about watercolor and how to write a novel. This excited me to no end. When I told my husband he told me that he just happened to have a membership and we started taking her classes that week! We liked her urban sketching and painting series so we immediately went out and bought our own watercolor paper journals, some nice pens and brushes and good quality paints and I got to creating. I’m not too proud to say that one of my paintings hangs on walls at two different houses and my mother-in-law uses my painting of a Taos Pueblo as her iPad screensaver!

In addition to Amy’s wonderful classes we also took a class from James Richards about how to add easily add people to the foreground of your paintings and how to do perspective point. We also watched some on making feathers for the logo of Stronger Today and how to do a Milky Way galaxy painting which we have yet to try!

All of them have been extremely instructive and helpful, very easy to follow and motivating to try it!

If you want to see some truly impressive work make sure to check out the #urbansketchers hashtag on Instagram. It’s an inspiring feed from artists all over the world.


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