Lunarly subscription box

Lunarly Box: a subscription box for intentional living

Lunarly Box: a subscription box for intentional living

Jul 8, 2020 | Blog, Resources, Subscription Boxes | 0 comments

Written by Melissa Farley

July 8, 2020

I cannot take any credit for discovering the magic that is Lunarly Box. That all goes to one of my best friends Jenn who developed a temporary obsession over house plants and was looking for ways to have them delivered to her. Every other month Lunarly sends a plant in their subscription boxes to help you convene with the powerful forces of nature in your home, hence her desire to try it. It’s a little bit pricey for me as far as subscription boxes go at $49.99 per month with each new box arriving before the next new moon, but I find it totally worth it because each one is filled with stuff I’ve always wanted to buy myself but could never actually bring myself to purchase when at the store.

The Starter Box is a little cheaper and came with a delicious smelling candle, gorgeous set of mala beads to use during meditation, a stone and a lunar journal which I have found invaluable. The journal follows the lunar cycles and gives you prompts to set intentions or focus on improving certain areas of your life with each new moon. As a woman, I have found connecting to this feminine spirit energy to be very resilient. And I usually make a little ritual out of it by lighting my candle, turning on my salt lamps, playing what I call “spa music” and using some essential oils to enhance the whole experience. I always arise from my time journaling feel clear and rejuvenated in purpose.

Lunarly mala beads
lunar journal

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The moon cycle: there’s an app for that

To help me easily track the lunar cycles and also get a touch of horoscope insight I use the ‘Full Moon’ App. You have to pay like a $1.99 to unlock the calendar and the cost was worth the convenience because now I get notifications every time the moon transitions so I don’t have to worry about forgetting to Google when and what phase we are in.

pillow spray in Lunerly box

Written by Melissa Farley


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